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Guided by an entrepreneurial spirit, SEI helps business owners take their company to the next level.

We want to work with successful, like-minded building solutions companies and help them grow. Our acquisition partnerships ensure each owner experiences a custom approach uniting best-in-class building products and services companies.

Our collaborative process is designed to keep you in the driver’s seat post-acquisition. We offer our partners the opportunity to lead, operate and grow their business while retaining local branding, management, and customer relationships. By working with only the best entrepreneurs, we walk beside our partners to ensure a custom approach that allows them to thrive and take their business to the next level.

Providing services in 10+ markets to the top 10 residential builders in the Southeast, SEI is on a growth trajectory and ready to work together to shape the future of business.

Maintain Individualized Local Identity and Culture

Your local identity and culture are a large part of what makes your business successful. With this in mind, we seek to build partnerships that offer you a seat at the table. Understanding that no two operating company is the same, we work to establish a customized approach that considers what’s best for your individual business and culture. This includes the retention of your hard-earned brand and the entrepreneurial spirit that defines your business. Together, we’ll shape the next vision of your business, generating value for your company and culture.

Protect Your People, Relationships and Legacy

Inside and outside of business, strong relationships are critical to long-term success. This includes recognizing the value of your local management and the many relationships you’ve built over the years. Our model protects those hard-won relationships, including the retention of your teams and your partners. With support from SEI’s network of like-minded business leaders you have the ability to continue leading and operating your local business as usual.

Collaborate, So You Can Focus on Business

Every successful business encounters a point where the owner spends more time than they want dealing with the rising tide of back-office issues. A partner like SEI can help ease the burden of these important, yet mundane tasks, by offering access to expert resources. When you join forces with SEI, your team gains access to our operational Support Center, leaving you time to focus on what you do best. See how our customized solutions can ease your pain points with a minimum of disruption to your business and culture.

SEI’s Support Center provides:

  • Finance
  • HR & Payroll
  • IT
  • Risk Management & Safety

Access to Ready Capital Infusion

Taking your business to the next level is the dream of many successful business owners. Taking that next step is easier than you think with an acquisition partnership. Working with SEI can be the perfect way to determine how to realize your vision and boost business continuity. From a goal of obtaining new trucks for your crews to upgrading existing operating equipment, SEI can help you develop a customized plan for success. Together, we can accelerate your vision and help your business achieve a competitive edge.

Build Something Great Together

The collaboration you’ll find with SEI is unique – dedicated to an entrepreneurial mindset and superior customer service. We encourage our acquisition partners to remain in a leadership role within the local network in order to provide ongoing critical input on business structure and support. As an SEI company, you also have ample opportunities to collaborate with other business leaders to share best practices and ideas that could benefit the business and its end customers.

Flexible Deal Structures

Your business and its accomplishments are yours alone, but can you imagine what we could do together? SEI offers flexible deal structures designed to suit each business partner’s individual needs. This means every deal is customized to the unique demands of each company, and their customer goals and business plan. At SEI, there’s never a one-size-fits-all approach, so you always have a say in how we partner to build the future.

Hear From Our Partners

“My experience in the sale of my company All In One Insulation to SEI Inc. was a good one. They said they would keep the management, salespeople and other employees with the same methods of compensation and doing business. My company was built on honesty, integrity and quality and SEI has continued running the company in that fashion. My dealings with Trent Johnson and Steve Click have been one of mutual respect and friendship.”

Ron White, All-in-One Insulation (Greenville, SC)

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with the SEI group. Their acquisition team made the transition very easy and quick. I have stayed with the team for almost four years. This has allowed me to maintain my entrepreneurial spirit along with ongoing support in the growth and success of my/our business. I would encourage any owner looking to transition to partner with our great team.”

Jimmy Stephens, Stephens Building Products (Raleigh, NC)

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